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Submission Guidelines – PLEASE READ

What will I need from you?:

Author name, photo / headshot, a short bio (so the readers know who you are!) – These will be needed only once I have approved your submission and your blog is ready to post.

NOTE: You do NOT need to submit a completely finished blog post – but you do need to submit a clear blog post idea, with a theme and specific information that you wish to discuss in your post. This gives me a good idea of what to expect from your blog, and allows me to decide whether it is the right fit, or if it needs some extra work. If you have a complete blog post, GREAT, but start by sending me a short synopsis and then I can let you know if I want to read more!

I will help you with the writing / editing,  so don’t worry if your blog isn’t ‘perfect’, I have final blog approval.

What You Need To Send: 

A 100-200 word synopsis of your post idea, including the area of writing, why you are writing on that subject, and how your story relates to you as an individual.

Topic Ideas:

A personal anecdote, story or experience is key! What is unique about you? What is your personal world view? Consider these when coming up with your post submission. 

Is there something about you which informs your experience of pole / dance / the world? Perhaps you can write from the view point of:

  • Your body type or weight
  • Your job or career
  • Your gender or sexuality
  • Your age
  • Your health – perhaps mental health, injuries, health conditions, or impairments
  • How long you have been pole dancing for? Do you have an interesting perspective from a newbie or an OG?
  • What do YOU enjoy about pole dancing? Is it a particular style, aspect or approach?
  • Expertise you hold which you believe will help other polers – what have you studied or worked on that might be relevant to pole?

The whole point of this blog post is to give YOU the opportunity to share your voice – your expertise, your story, your experience! So don’t worry about making it ‘too’ personal, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Disclaimer: Any guest posts published on cannot be posted on any other websites or blogs. Once published Pole With Peach owns the rights to the content ♥