Confidence Workshops & Talks

Confidence workshops and talks are a great way to empower your studio, work place or society. These 1-2 hour long sessions offer a great alternative to traditional 1-2-1 coaching, by providing a group environment with practical techniques and advice on how to maximise their self-confidence and begin their self-love journey.

With my years of experience as a pole dancing instructor, I have seen first hand how an individual’s confidence can grow through just a small amount of care and attention. Like so many things, the hardest part about self-love is knowing where to begin, but my workshops and talks provide the guidance and motivation many need to begin their personal development.


I offer a number of workshops which are great for smaller groups. These include a theory based talk with plenty of techniques and concepts explained, along with group and individual exercises so that everyone goes away from the workshop with something practical and applicable to help them grow and build their self-confidence.

Those who don’t pole dance can still attend and book my dance based confidence workshops as these can be adapted to your group’s needs. I can build these workshops tailored to you, using modified versions of my movement practices that are perfect for those who don’t dance, but who would still benefit from my unique approach.

Check out the workshop menu below. Prices on request, depending on location and arrangement, but I aim to provide an affordable, rewarding and worthwhile arrangement for everyone involved, including studio owners and students!

Killer Confidence: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Shit

Ever marveled at how some people just seem to ooze confidence? My Killer Confidence workshop explains why we humans often lack self-confidence, and why some ‘just seem to have it’.

Building self-confidence is all about reprogramming yourself so that you no longer operate according to the damaging and critical rules and regulations that you have absorbed over time from society, peers, and even our family and friends. This is why I call it ‘the subtle art of not giving a shit’!

Packed with practical techniques and theories, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking for an effective framework to begin building and developing their self-confidence. A stronger, more secure, and more robust sense of self will be achieved following this workshop.

Great for pole studios, societies and groups interested in working on building and promoting self-confidence and self-esteem. This workshop gives each individual ‘take home’ techniques for their on-going self-confidence journey.

Please note: This workshop is not pole based, so both polers and non-polers can attend.


Provocative Movement

Provocative doesn’t just mean sexual, although this is what this workshop is aaaaaaall about. Provocative Movement is a workshop that provokes conversation, provokes self-exploration, and provokes new, brilliant sensual self-expression. Dare to bare in this workshop designed to help you unleash your sensual goddess, and tap into that sexy alter-ego.

This workshop incorporates guided meditation, sensual movement and taboo busting confidence coaching theory, to help your group overcome shame, guilt and self-judgement. Every person has a right to make peace with their most carnal self, and to discover the various aspects of their personality and being, even those frowned upon by society.

This workshop is especially beneficial for those who are looking to explore the sexy side of pole dancing, but who struggle with anxiety, nerves or shame when they try. Or for those who love sexy style, but struggle to ‘let themselves go’ and 100% embrace their sensual side, whether that be at home, in class, or on stage.

Please note: This workshop is not pole based, so both polers and non-polers can attend. However, there are floor work elements included.


Pop me a message to inquire into booking one of these workshops. I am happy to answer any questions you might have! Standard prices are set on a per person bases, but please message me for details and to discuss your specific requirements.


I am available to give a talk at your society, club, meeting or event. Talks are a great option for those who are not seeking practical workshops such as the ones listed above, but still want to benefit from my expertise and insight.

Talks are available on the following topics:

  • Pole dancing & self-confidence
  • Being a sensual woman in today’s world
  • Body positivity & why it is so important
  • Self-love & overcoming self-criticism

If you have something in particular in mind, message me with your thoughts and I can offer a bespoke talk especially for you, based on your requirements.

Rates for talks vary depending on length, location and so on. Please message with your requirements in order to get an accurate quote.

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