Tutorial: How To Bedazzle Your Pole Costumes

Once you begin performing or competing on a more regular basis you may become interested in making your own costumes. Costumes and outfits bought from designers such as FiBourkeDesigns, HiWirecostumes or DivasFitwear are breathtakingly gorgeous, but for many people are too expensive if you plan on having different costumes for different routines and competitions.

If you have the time to spare you can in stead learn how to bedazzle your own costumes. You can make an amazing outfit simply by sparkling up an inexpensive bathing suit or lingerie set, and you can choose the design you want, personalising it exactly to your needs. The great thing about bedazzling your own costumes is you can draw inspiration from the costumes you love and make them your own. Seen a cut out bodysuit with a crystal flame design? Make your own! Want a jeweled mermaid inspired bikini? You can make it happen!

I will be using the hot fix method of bedazzling. I came across this method as it was the one recommended by Maddie Sparkle in a Facebook comment I read of hers. Seeing her gorgeous sparkling bikinis you just know she is an expert, the proof is in her name after all!

After trying it I would say I will definitely bedazzle using the hot fix method again in the future, but I will give you a word of warning – This is VERY time consuming! Depending on how much of a coverage you want on your garment you need to realistically be committing hours to this task, it is not a 20 minute jobby. So, just keep that in mind. If spending 5 hours stoning a garment is a better prospect than spending £200+ on a costume then the decision is an easy one. Here’s the finished piece I made:

before and after bedazzle

What you will need:

  • Hot Fix Crystal Applicator – I picked up mine for £8.99 on eBayFullSizeRender (9)
  • Hot Fix Crystals – Silver 5mm, 1000 for £5.40 from eBay. I recommend buying crystals that are between 4mm-6mm in size. Any smaller and you may find them too difficult to work with, and any larger and you won’t get as shimmery a finish. Though you can vary the sizes depending on the effect and design you want, so do experiment. Make sure you buy ‘Hot Fix’ crystals otherwise they will not work with the applicator.
  • Swimsuit / Leotard / Underwear Set – I will be bedazzling this cute bikini top I got in New Look for £12.99


Step 1: Decide On Your Design

First you must decide on the type of design you want to achieve with the crystals. If you are looking to create something more intricate and complex such as a animal print or flame design, then I would recommend drawing this up on paper so that you know where you want the crystals to go, which colours go where, and so on.

As I am simply going for an all over sparkle with a single colour of crystal I will be applying them without a specific guide.

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Area

Ensure you have adequate space in which to work. If you are worried about dropping crystals then make sure you put down an old sheet onto the table / floor, otherwise hot fix crystals may attach to your carpet or desk if one does fall.IMG_4053 If you have children or pets, ensure that the Hot Fix Applicator is kept out of reach, and not left unattended. Safety first guys!

Step 3: Begin Crystal Application!

Now onto the exciting part. Depending on the size of the crystals you are using, attach the corresponding tip to the Hot Fix Applicator. In my case, my crystals are 5mm so I used the 5mm tip (DUH!); the tip is really easy to use, you simply turn on the Hot Fix Applicator, allow it to heat up and then pick up the crystal using the tip by pressing on it (ensure you place the crystals face up on something you do not mind getting messy, but that won’t melt). Watch the bottom side of the crystal and wait until it begins to bubble, this is the hot tip melting the glue finish on the crystal. You can then place it where you want the crystal to sit on the garment. Simple as that!

End Result

I am very pleased with how the top came out, it looks very pretty and sparkly, and should look even better in the right lighting / on stage. Let me know if this tutorial has been helpful, although the process itself is very simple I hope you have managed to learn something from it! ❤️

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