Top 15 New Year’s Resolutions For Pole Dancers 

Now that 2016 is coming to close it is time to start thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be. More specifically, it is time to plan your pole resolutions! I’ve started writing my list and it is already about 100 miles long (imagine one of those scrolls in the movies where they unfurl it and it rolls across the floor seemingly forever).

If you aren’t sure of what to add to your list, here are the top 15 resolutions that every pole dancer needs to add to theirs.


Regardless of where you are on your flexibility journey, adding some regular stretching as part of your New Year’s resolution is a good idea for every pole dancer. Our favourite pole moves often involve sexy splits and crazy back bends, so make getting bendy part of your 2017 plan. Whether you have never stretched before or you’re working towards your bum hat, add flexibility goals to your New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve heard great reviews for Bendy Kate’s Advanced Stretching Technique book, and I’ll be taking an ‘intro to contortion’ workshop with Hannah Finn who has been recommended to me in highest esteem.

Top tip: Make your goals really specific so that you are more motivated! ‘Flat split by August 2016’ is much better than ‘get flexible’.

I got my front split in 2016, now I need my over splits and straddle split!

Pole tricks

Of course you will be working on pole tricks during 2017, but have you got any idea which ones? I know many people prefer to go with the flow of what their instructor wants to teach, but by adding certain tricks to your 2017 resolutions you can plan in advance. Do you need to do certain strength training to get there? Maybe there is an aspect of flexibility that you need to improve first?  Make sure that you are dedicating time in your training to practice the foundation moves to help you reach your goal.

I will be hitting the pole tricks again after having a break this year from this kind of training. Come to me flat jade, be mine!

Top tip:  Ensure your goals are acheivable. Planning to do a Iron X when you’ve only just learned a fireman spin might be a bit ambitious depending on your background!

Photo credit: David Craig

Trick combos

If most of your training involves doing tricks in isolation, why not aim to start connecting them together into combos? Make it your goal for 2017 to master a certain number of pole combos, staying on the pole for as long as you can!

Here are some popular pole combinations that you might learn in your pole class:

  • Reverse grab spin – invert – outside leg hang – leg switch to inside leg hang
  • Invert – Starburst (aka Jasmine) – split straddle – superman – bees knees – dove – hangman (shouldermount hang)
  • Invert – butterfly – flatline – scorpio – pike – jade – Tammy

Floor work

Are you a pole bunny? More comfortable tricking it out at the top of the pole, than slinking around the floor? Add floor work to your 2017 resolutions and push yourself out of your comfort zone. There’s so many great moves to learn so why not add some to your list…

  • Wavy legs
  • Heel clacks
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Body waves

Ask your instructor what floor work they do, or sign up to a tutorial service such as Cleo the Hurricane’s RocknPole or Tantra Tutorials for floor work moves to practice.

Top tip: Floor work isn’t as easy as the pros make it look, so always have a spot or professional instruction for certain moves that may be dangerous or put pressure on your neck.

Photo credit: Olly Clark

Low flow

Working the base of the pole is hard! With so many thread through, dips, spins and interesting transitions to learn, why not add some low flow training to your New Year’s resolutions?

For base work inspiration make sure you check out these pole dancers:

  • Elizabeth Carmine Black
  • Bailey Day
  • Olga Koda


There are many different types of balances you could almost fill your entire year with learning them! Hand stands, head stands, forearm stands and shoulder stands can be done round the base of the pole or as part of your floor work. You can make many beautiful shapes in these positions and they always look impressive!

Top tip: Hand balances take a lot of consistent work so make sure you are practicing them several times a week to make faster progress.


Choreograph a routine

If you have never choreographed a pole routine before this is the perfect resolution for you! Read my blog post on how to choreograph a pole routine and add it to your list for 2017!

Perform in a showcase

Performing can be nerve wracking, but it is totally worth it. If you have always been too scared to take the stage, why not  challenge yourself next year by pole dancing at a showcase?

Don’t worry, I have plenty of tips and advice on my blog to help you make the most of your performance. And if you want to take my workshop on performance techniques let your instructors know!

Here are some of my best blogs to help you out:

Try a different style of pole

If you always dance lyrical then try a stripper style class, if you’re always dancing sexy then try a sporty gymnastic class. By trying something new you can grow as a dancer, and it could give you some fresh new ideas to create your own unique dance style.

New to sexy style? Read the following: 

Top tip: Pick a style that is 6″ or 7″ tall if you have never worn them before. Read more of my advice on pole shoes here.

Improve your self-confidence

Your pole resolutions don’t just need to be related to moves, tricks or dancing. A great promise to make for the coming year is to work on strengthening your self-confidence. Practice some techniques to boost your self-esteem such as paying yourself compliments and always being kind to yourself.

Read about what I call the ‘self-love journey’ here, with some handy tips about cultivating self-love.

Always be body positive

Another resolution that is more mental that physical is dedicating yourself to being body positive. This means always upholding a body positive and self-love environment for both yourself and those around you. Eliminate negative self-talk and pay compliments to the people around you to help boost their body-confidence too.

You can read more about being body positive in the pole and fitness industry here. If you own a studio or regularly teach classes this advice can help you operate in a body-positive way.

Do a pole competition 

I did my very first competitions this year and it was a great experience which I would recommend to anyone. If you are looking for a new challenge or something to focus your training around, then add signing up for a competition onto your resolution’s list.

Top tip: You don’t need to go to a competition wanting to win, often it is more fun to just go to perform and show off your hard work. 

Back stage after Dance Filthy Southern

Try new cross-training and self-improvement options 

Once you become addicted to pole it is easy to forgert that other forms of exercise or hobbies even exist! However, adding cross-training and self-improvement onto your 2017 resolutions is a good idea to help diversify your skills set and broaden your experiences.

Rock climbing is great for strength and dance classes can help improve your flow and fluidity. Even a drama class could be considered cross-training if you plan on adding theatrical elements to your routines for example. Don’t just stick to pole classes in order to improve yourself as a pole dancer, there’s so much out there to try.

Why not check out:

  • Yoga
  • Hula hooping
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Adult dance
  • Adult gymnastics
  • Drama or musical theatre
  • Costume design / sewing class
  • Weight lifting
  • Contortion
  • Aerial silks
  • Aerial hoop
  • Burlesque lessons
  • Fire breathing

Do a pole dance photo shoot 

The ‘pole dance photo shoot’ is a milestone event for every pole dancer. A chance for them to show off their progress and capture their new skills, confidence and rockin’ attitude. If you have been too worried to do one yet then now is the year to overcome any fears and pose for that camera.

Read these blog posts to help you out:

Top tip: Wear something you feel super confident and sexy in. If the outfit makes you feel self-conscious it isn’t good enough!

Write a guest post for Pole With Peach

Finally, this resolution is for all of you budding writers out there! I will be opening my blog to guest writers in the New Year. So, if you have a burning topic that you have been dying to write about, but you don’t want to run your own blog, I’m now offering a platform to give YOU a voice.

So far I’ve had lots of interest from people looking to write about their experiences. I’m looking for posts that offer your unique perspective – what wisdom or story do you have to share?

Your post could be about your pole experience and…

  • Age – maybe you started pole at 50 years old, maybe you teach children’s classes?
  • Nationality – what is pole like where you are from?
  • Gender or sexuality – how is your pole experience as a woman / man / queer / trans individual?
  • Your field of expertise – are you a nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor, artist?
  • Anything else! Everyone has a story to tell and experience to share.

You will be able to submit your pitches to me starting in January. Who is signing up?


What New Year’s resolutions are you setting for 2017? Let me know in the comments.

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