Stripper Style Christmas Wish List: Family Edition

I don’t know about you, but I am always dreading that question I get from family members asking ‘So, what do you want for Christmas?’, this year hasn’t been so bad because I am buying a flat and I will need lots of help buying bits and bobs for that. But, in previous years I’ve always wanted to ask for pole related gifts, but wasn’t always sure how to approach these gift requests with family members who may be a bit more… sensitive.

This is how I came to formulate the now world-famous (a-hem) Family Acceptance Barometer, or F.A.B for short (said in your best vintage Thunderbirds impression).

Usually family members and friends fit pretty snugly between the following categories 1 to 3, some members may be a 1.8 whilst another is a 2.3 for example. Some family members may be below a 1, in which case we probably recommend avoiding pole related gifts on your wish list entirely, for your peace of mind more than anything!

In any case, it looks a little something like this:

1. The borderline conservative family members

They probably have an issue with stripper style, or you don’t tell them that you do it. They are fine with you pole dancing but they insist on referring to it as ‘pole fitness’ and might gag when they see your pole shoes.

2. The relaxed family member

They don’t have a problem with you doing sexy pole, but they probably wouldn’t want to see a video of it. They are comfortable with small pole shorts (such as scrunch butt brazils), but might be a bit weirded out by a Y-thong.

3. The super committed and supportive family member

They help you pick out your performance pasties, and ask if you need any help applying glitter to your tits. They seem to love the sexy stuff just as much as you do.

Once you know where about on the scale your different family members land, you can begin to put together a suitable pole related present suggestion depending on where they fall.

You’ll find a handy guide below to give you some suggestions on suitable gifts…


Rated U: Suitable For All Family Members

💗 Gift cards for general websites such as Etsy that have pole products available

💗 A subscription to your local yoga studio, climbing centre, or dance class such as ballet, to help you with your cross training (but shhh, they don’t need to know that’s the reason!)

💗 Leg warmers, leggings and warm up clothes such as onesies or hoodies

💗 A clip on wide angle lens for your phone, such as this one from Creatures XIX

💗 Grip aids, such as Girlie Grip

💗 Back warmers for stretching and flexibility, such as the Bendy Kate velvet backwarmer made by Laqadaze

💗  Creatures of XIX Gecko grip sticky clothing (after all, these family members will probably want to encourage you to show less skin haha!)

Rated PG13: Suitable For More Accepting Family Members

💗 Makeup suitable for showcases and performances. Think high quality contouring palettes, fake eye lashes and liquid lipstick.

💗 Gift cards for pole merch websites such as Pole Junkie

💗 Knee pads for floor work classes, such as PoleDancerKA knee pads in Baby Pink

💗 Actual pole brand clothing, such as pole shorts or sports bras

💗 An online tutorial subscription to websites such as Cleo’s Rock n Pole or 123Poling

💗 Pleaser heels, probably sticking to 6-7 inches and a little less flashy

💗 A month’s worth of pole classes at your studio, or some private lessons

💗 A pole tricks or flow workshop with a dancer you really admire

Rated 18+: Suitable For The Most Supportive Family Members

💗 A stripper style floor work or flow workshop with a dancer you really admire

💗 Pleaser heels, 7+ inches and as ostentacious and you damn well please. Maybe get those PVC thigh high boots finally!

💗 Custom heels designed by the likes of Sparkling Passions or Shoegasm Designs

💗  Sparkly, flashy, or outrageous nipple pasties for your next exotic show

💗 A cute af body harness set from a brand such as Pretty Thorax or 8thSinCreations


These are just a few ideas to help spark your imagination for what you might like this year, as well as giving you a couple of family appropriate suggestions. These gifts are useful for any stripper style pole dancer, but sometimes we need to work out ways around our family’s belief systems, so this list is for those time when a deft and delicate touch is required.


What level / category are your family members? What gifts do you suggest to them when they ask what you want? Drop them in the comments below.

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