Review: Juicee Peach Pole Dancing Shorts

Brand: Juicee Peach

From: Juicee Peach

Juicee Peach sent me a couple of different styles of shorts to try out for them. Originally an Australian company, they have recently expanded their range of shorts to ship directly within the UK. They have many great designs, including high waist options, colourful metallics, and tie side shorts. I will be reviewing two of their short styles, the wet-look tie top shorts, and the standard metallic booty shorts.

They seem to have an amazing New Year sale on at the moment (original publication date: January 22nd 2017), so make sure you snap up these shorts before they sell out! Loads of their stock is 50% off.

Wet-look Tie Top Shorts

As of 22/01/2017: Currently on sale for 50% off! Only £7.50

Rating: ★★★★★

I have tried both of the styles of short that they sent me, but these have definitely been my favourites. The style is super flattering and comfortable, and the wet-look fabric is sexy and shiny enough to satisfy my penchant for all things eye catching and racy.

I regularly wear these shorts during my normal teaching classes, so primarily for choreography, floor work and beginner pole. There’s been no issues with lack of coverage or discomfort, although I will discuss this more in depth in a minute.

In fact I love these shorts so much I wore them in a recent photo shoot with Mike Jones. They complimented my outfit perfectly. (See left)

I wear these in a size Small, which translates into a UK 8-10. Because of the tie straps on the side, these shorts give you a little bit of breathing space, so it never matters if you gain or lose a little weight, because the waistband is adjustable.


Metallic Booty Shorts – Pink

As of 22/01/2017: Currently on sale for 42% off! Only £7.50

Rating: ★★★★☆

I love the colours available for these metallic hot pants! Juicee Peach offer a great selection of pole shorts in interesting materials and shapes, and these shiny colours definitely capture my attention.

These particular shorts are not as flattering on me as the tie side shorts, but this is because the waist band is tighter. However, Juicee Peach do mention on the website the need to size up in the metallic materials, so it is always worth checking their sizing recommendations before committing to a purchase. I am wearing the booty shorts in a size Small, which is again a UK 8-10, and as you can see they cut in ever so slightly at the waist, if I had selected a size up they would probably have fit perfectly.


Crotch Appeal

The one area that these shorts really differ from the other brands I have tried before is in the fact that the crotch is remarkably slimmer. Whilst companies such as Pole Addict and Cleo have pole proofed the crotches of their pants by making them wider, Juicee Peach has slightly smaller coverage. Honestly though, I have poled in these a LOT over the last few months since I received them. Believe me, they have had a thorough test drive, and I haven’t had one slip up or flash or anything, despite the modest surface area of the crotch.

Please find a little comparative diagram below of the crotch widths so you can compare:



At the end of the day, the testament for me on how good a pair of pole shorts is, is found in how often I pick them to train in. I  wear my tie top shorts pretty routinely now as they have become one of my favourite pairs of shorts in my pole clothing collection. The proof can even be seen on my Instagram in all the videos I have posted whilst wearing them! (See video below, if there is no crotch flash in this floor work, then you probably won’t get crotch flash full stop! 😂😂😂)

Overall, I would say that these are worth adding to your collection. Size up for the metallic fabrics in particular, and if in doubt pop their customer service an email, they are very attentive, and they were happy to answer any questions I had.


*This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions expressed are my own, honest thoughts. I never recommend products that I don’t use myself.*


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