The Pole Dancing Subscription Box You’ve Been Waiting For 😍😍😍

What is it? A quarterly subscription box for pole dancers

Where from?

When’s the next one? Summer box: Ships Mid-June

Price: $59.95 USD plus shipping (shipping varies on your location. Ruby is shipping from the US, so all U.S. orders will cost: $6.95 – $9.95 to ship, Canada cost: $14.95, and all other international shipping will cost: $22.95 to ship.)

Rating: ★★★★★

Ruby from polepunzel was kind enough to ship me one of her subscription boxes all the way from America, and I have to say that I was impressed.

There’s been a few subscription boxes for pole dancers floating around, but I haven’t really heard anything good. People were disappointed with the over promising and the under delivery of these brands, and found that they didn’t end up with very much that they actually liked, never mind stuff they found useful. I have had the opposite reaction to the Polepunzel Box. In fact, I’ve actually had to use stock photos of some of the items I received because I have used them so much that they are now in the laundry or packed into pole bags!

I have referenced a mix of currency in this review, this is because many of the items are sourced from international brands, such as Bad Kitty in the US, or Wink from the UK. So, it is hard to reference a single currency based on this.

What did I get?

Of course, each month is a little different, but to give you an idea of the type of items you will receive, here is what I got in my first box.

Pole Dancer Tank Top

Seen above, this tank top lists all the names of your favourite moves! Selling individually for $29.95 / £23 (roughly), the addition of this tank top makes the box a real bargain already, considering how much else is packed inside. The fabric is light and comfortable, and the fit is super flattering. I have basically been living in this top since I received it, and you’ll undoubtedly have seen me repping it on my Instagram story.

Wink Striped Leg Warmers

As someone obsessed with anything pink, I was thrillllllled to receive these pink leg warmers, with purple stripes. As a dedicated floor f*cker and heels aficionado, I have used these for teaching my floor work classes, as well as with my Pleasers for some extra slide in my low flow. The leg warmers have stirrups to hook around your heel, which make them the perfect addition to your sexy pole wardrobe.

Retailing at £6.49 from Wink, these are a fabulous addition to the box.

Bad Kitty Brazil Shorts in Teal

I love the comfortable and flattering fit of the Bad Kitty Brazils, and already own several pairs. I was very pleased to receive the teal ones as I have had my eye on them for a while, but never got round to buying them for myself.

These retail at around $22 / £15, so you can already see how the savings start stacking up, especially when you factor in individual shipping costs.

Upon purchase, the Polepunzel team ask for details such as your dress size to ensure that the items you receive fit you properly. The shorts and tank tops were both perfect fits for myself, and I was particularly worried as sometimes items can fit me badly due to my personal proportions.

Dry Hands

Everyone knows about dry hands. It is a pole dance essential! So, receiving that in your little box of goodies every quarter is sure to keep you well-stocked. Retailing individually at around £8.99 depending on where you source it.

Bath Bomb

After a hard session at the pole studio there is nothing I want more than a hot bath! It is exactly what my muscles need after a difficult session. I love a colourful bath bomb, and I was super excited to see one included in the subscription box. It smells divine, is full of GLITTER, and it is called ‘Unicorn Tears’, which is a bit sad but probably sums up my mood after a hard training session 😂😂😂

Retails individually for around $7.80.

#SLAY Hair Ties

I cannot describe how many times I have been getting ready to go and teach pole classes, and I haven’t been able to find ANY hair bobbles despite the fact I have bought about 10393883629864982649614 in my life time. Where the hell do they all go?!

ANYWAY, these #SLAY hair ties from the Polepunzel brand are super cute. Once again, I’m a big fan of anything pink and super girly, so I love these no snag hair ties.

Retails individually for around $4.95.

My Pole Shit Case

I haven’t actually got the chance to use this yet, but I am in love with the pink metallic detailing on this clear case. Honestly, I use one of my own brand Pole Dancer tote bags to heft around my pole stuff, but it is so big and roomy sometimes it can be hard to dig out the little essentials like your bottle of dry hands or lip balm for example. I will start storing these smaller items in this case to help make them easy to locate! So useful!

Worth around $9.95.


Included in the box were a bunch of additional leaflets and flyers, including discount codes for affiliated brands, that are sure to come in handy when you next want to satisfy your pole wear fix.


Overall, I was very happy with the Polepunzel box, and although Ruby provided this first one for free for me to review the products for her, I am seriously considering investing in a subscription myself because I love it so much! I especially like her own brand products, including her slogan tank tops (which I really want some more of), and her other cute items such as the pole tumblers and home decor. Each box is a surprise, so of course you never know exactly what you are going to receive, but judging from the quality of the items on her website, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I think the boxes are currently sold out as they are so popular, but keep an eye on her website for when they next become available for purchase!


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