Pole Dance Photo Shoot: Showgirl Glamour

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Are you looking to host or work with a photographer on a pole shoot, but want something a little different? 

Looking to explore beyond white backgrounds and simple studio shoots? 

That was exactly what I wanted, which is how I came to collaborate with David Craig on a set of pole photographs inspired by our shared interest in and love of vintage and retro fashion, B&W photographs of movie stars and showgirls, and everything decadent and glam from the 1920s-1940s.

David’s experience with black and white photography suited this concept brilliantly, and I knew he would have no trouble shooting me whilst I danced and moved because of his experience as an equestrian photographer. David chatted to me about my vision, bouncing ideas back and forth so I knew we were on the same page, and was very dedicated to helping me succeed in getting the final images I wanted.

David was a pleasure to shoot with, he put me immediately at ease with his relaxing manner, and provided plenty of direction in the poses to help us capture the right photograph. He has a sharp eye for use of light and was always swapping and changing the light sources as I moved around the set, from pole to floor and back again, to get the best shot. Although an avid B&W photographer, he was equally adept at shooting in colour, giving many of the final images a soft, vintage look that I love. He took my feedback graciously, and when I wanted a couple of tweaks or changes he was happy to oblige, although there wasn’t very much to change!


I asked David to tell us a little bit about himself, so check out this quote below:

“Photography is the perfect creative outlet for me, I like to take honest photos that aren’t heavily edited or distort what I actually capture. I guess I am just a raw photographer more than a graphic artist. I have been into photography for a good number of years and have become more serious over the last 2 years, investing everything I have into my new chosen career path.

I have mainly focused a lot of that time on equestrian and portrait photography which has been such a demanding yet excellent foundation for me to build on, facing challenges such as movement, posing emotion and beauty. From this foundation I then had the opportunity to get involved in some sport and fitness which has led me to being asked to photograph a few polers.

I find that pole photography is such a fabulous genre for photography. There is a perfect blend of confidence, strength and shape. From spending time around pole I have come to really respect polers and admire how much dedication and hard work they put in to their sport. However, the true pleasure for me is that special moment when someone sees themselves in a trick or a shape, and then realise how far they have come on their own journey.

I have some fashion work coming up and I am starting to gain some editorial exposure with some great magazines. However, I will always have time to photograph more pole and fitness work, and if anyone would like to book me then I would love to hear from them. Thanks, David”


David is eager to arrange studio and location shoots with pole dancers who might be interested in working with him. His ‘portable studio’ can be taken anywhere, so if you have a specific location in mind for your pole shoot, contact him and find out what he can do for you! Alternatively, David is available for group shoots and other set ups at your pole school, simply pop him a message to find out how to book him.

Contact : david@davidcraigphotography.com


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