Pleaser Shoes: What Is Your Heels Personality?

Love pole dancing? Love Pleaser shoes?

If that’s a yes then this is the post for you! There is a style of pole dancing heels for everyone out there, it is just about finding the right ones that suit you. Here is my short little guide to which Pleaser shoes best fit with your heels personality…


pleaser shoes Aspire 608

Never worn heels before, let alone pole shoes? Start out with a pair of modest 6″ heels to ease you in! The Pleaser Aspire 608 is a great starter shoe, available from wearifudare. The clear plastic won’t chip or fade, the plastic straps are tight for added support, and the heel height isn’t too dramatic. These are the perfect shoes to practice your dips, twirls, spins and pole walks in.

Need some tips on how to dance in high heels, check out my guide HERE.


Pleaser Shoes Flamingo 808

Love clacking your heels as often as possible? Get a shoe that is 7″ and above for maximum noise! The Pleaser Flamingo 808 has 8″ heels and 4″ platform for easy heel bangs. The range of beautiful chrome colours available certainly doesn’t hurt either. These are available online from Pole Sweet Pole.

TIP: Avoid any heels with cut outs, beading or jewels. These will affect your clack, either by hollowing the sound, or sending flying shrapnel into your eyes thus temporarily blinding you.


Looking to live dangerously? Try a pair of Pleaser’s 9″ and 10″ range. Once you have mastered the 8″, the only way is up (or, to infinity and beyond according to their shoe names!). The Please Beyond 012 come in this super sexy red that’ll reflect your dare devilish nature. Get these from Alternative Footwear. Although these styles are practically stilts, they bring a little circus to your sexy and are epic to watch!


Pleaser shoes UV

Are you a club kid at heart? If you’re more at home at a rave than a quiet drink at the pub, these are the shoes for you. Pleaser do a wide range of shoes that glow under UV light, making them perfect for the dance floor, whether you are in the strip club or the night club. I particularly like the Pleaser Flamingo 809 style because, c’mon, just look at them! So cute! Available from Heeler Dealers.


Pleaser shoes spiked boots

Do people say you are a little intimidating and even a bit scary? If you’re a Bad B*tch then getting some heavy duty pole shoes decked out with spikes is the way to go. These boots are available from wearifudare and are the perfect style to wear whilst rocking out with your girl gang to heavy metal. Best paired with a leather bikini!


Pleaser Shoes Stardust

Disappointed that you can’t wear a diamante tiara 24/7? Yeah, me too. These sparkling Pleaser shoes are the next best thing though. Go like Cinderella and wear these clear silver Stardust 808T, available from Heeler Dealers. They’re so beautiful you won’t want to leave them on any step, regardless of how close to midnight you’re partying.


Pleaser shoes vegan leather

Repping the vegan lifestyle? Take your commitment to stamping out animal cruelty even further by stomping around in these vegan friendly pole shoes. Pleaser are now offering a range of styles in vegan leather so you can dance in stylish shoes that don’t compromise your personal ethics. The Pleaser Aspire 1018 can be bought online from wearifudare.


Pleaser Shoes Glitter

Always getting distracted by anything shiny or glittery? Treat yourself to a pair of glittered up pole shoes to satisfy your magpie cravings. You can’t get much more glitter than the amount found on the Pleaser Adore 1018G glitter boots. These can be found on Heeler Dealers. Glitter and diamante Pleaser shoes are perfect for performances as they catch the light and look SO PRETTY!


Which style of Pleaser shoes are your absolute favourite? Do you have a pair that you think reflects your pole dance style and personality? Comment with your faves!

Pleaser shoes are available in the UK from the following sites:

Wear If U Dare

Pole Sweet Pole

Heeler Dealers

Alternative Footwear

Or shipped to the UK from:

Sparkle and Shine



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  1. Hi Peach!
    I own the heel virgin because, well, I am a heel virgin. They’re surprisingly easy-ish to walk in 😀

    I looooove love love love the Bad Bxtch ones but I’m afraid to scratch the pole with the spikes…Any advice on that?

    1. Post

      Oh yeah the spikey shoes are definitely scary and might scratch the pole. Honestly I don’t have any tips on avoiding that one, other than don’t climb in them perhaps, or stick to floor work :p

  2. I had a pair of the low clear ones, very quickly got bored of them and got a pair of 7 1/2 inch Aura Heels, they are literally the most beautiful things I’ve ever bought! Got some 8 inch sparkly ones now so i guess I’m a bit of a magpie

    1. Post

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