Perfect Christmas Gifts For Pole Dancers

Take the pain out of your family, friends and partner’s Christmas shopping for you by not-so-subtley emailing this list to them with all of your favourites highlighted.

Etsy Picks

MNofficialshop – Pole Dancing Necklaces

These necklaces are so so cute, I keep eyeing them up regularly. At £14.85 +pp these are affordable and perfect for any lover of pole dance. Pick out your favourite trick or move and wear it with pride.




SophReyIllustration – Pole Dance Theme Christmas Cards

Bored of ‘normal’ cards? Why not buy these pole themed Christmas cards – £5 for a pack of 3.


Ssunrayy –  Boot Sleeves

Tired of having to choose between Pleaser heels and Pleaser boots? With these clever boot sleeves you can transform any pair of pole shoes into a pair of thigh high boots! £29.71 +pp makes them an absolute steal!



RoyaleRags – Pole dance slogan tops

A fan of spreadies? Always shouting at people to point their toes? These slogan vests are perfect for you, or the spready enthusiast in your life. £17.00 +pp.



Brand Picks

Pole Junkie – Pole Mugs

I love these pole dancing mugs from Pole Junkie. I think they would make any coffee / tea / hot chocolate loving pole dancer happy. At £8.50 these are great stocking fillers.

pole dancing mug gift

Creatures of XIX – Christmas Pole Dancing Tshirt

Proclaim your inner Ho Ho Hoe with this tongue in cheek Christmas Pole Dancing Tshirt from Creatures of XIX. £18.00, also available as a tank top.


Pole Hog – Velvet Pole Set

These velvet pole sets in jewel colours are perfectly Christmas inspired pole sets, and are available to order directly from their Facebook page.



Photo Credit: Holly Cullin


What is on your Christmas wish list this year? Let me know in the comments, and make sure you share this post to spread the Christmas cheer, and give your family and friends gift ideas. xox

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