Must Have Pole Slogan Tops

I am a huge fan of a good pole themed slogan top, so I thought I would put together a blog post of some of the best around.

Pole Parlour

Pole Parlour have a heap of awesome pole theme merchandise available on their website and etsy shop.

  • Pole Skull: I love this lil’ goth edge to this comfy tank top.
  • Ass Slaps & Heel Clacks: This slogan top is so cute (I’m a big fan of anything pink!), and I’m in love the typography .
  • Poletergeist: For any hard-core horror fans like myself this vest top is a must have!


Pole Geek

Jillian over at Pole Geek has a great selection of witty and fun vest tops with a geeky edge.

  • Margaret Tank: For an Art History nerd such as myself this tank ticks all the boxes.
  • Sass & Ass: Two very important things that ever pole dancer should celebrate.


Cleo The Hurricane

Cleo’s merchandise over at Cleo The Hurricane are fun and flattering with a good dose of camp 80s metal appeal.

  • Death By Stiletto: Who doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt that accurately depicts your assassination skills with a high heel shoe?!
  • Enjoy Rock n’ Pole: This creative take on the iconic Cola logo makes this crop top an essential for anyone’s pole wardrobe.
  • PO/LE: I love a good AC/DC reference and this cropped t-shirt delivers.


Creatures of XIX

If you want a slogan tee with a bit of femme attitude look no further than the new releases by Creatures of XIX.

  • 8 Inch Heels: They say you should wear your heart on your sleeve… or in this case, your greatest love on the front of your t-shirt.
  • Heels Bigger Than Your: Tired of all the f*ckboys getting all up in your face? Wear this t-shirt to remind them who’s boss!
  • Pussy Power: Why yes, this is the supreme energy source that powers my awesomeness, thanks for asking.



Do you know any brands that sell awesome pole themed slogan tops? Let me know in the comments below!

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