What have you done this year? 2016 in Review

I have had such a busy year with pole and I thought it would be nice to have a look at everything I have been up to this year. It is so easy for us to become self-critical and wonder ‘what have I achieved?’ We often focus on what we haven’t rather than what we have. So, here is my 2016 in review, why don’t you do one of your own? Join me and celebrate the good things you have done this year!

I competed in Pole Theatre Amateur, Classique

I competed in my very first pole dancing competition in January. This was my first pole performance, and in fact, the first time I have choreographed a routine.

I wrote a guest post for minibiglifts.com

5 Reasons Pole Dance is a Hardcore Strength Sport was my first foray into blogging and it was a very popular post. After the overwhelmingly positive reception I got a lot of requests to write on more pole topics.

Credit: Lulu Dolls

I set up Pole With Peach

In March I set up Pole With Peach after the popularity of my guest post.  My very first blog, 6 Apps Every Pole Dancer Needs, is still up and you can give a read if you missed it the first time. Since then I have published 70 posts, had over 35,000+ visitors, worked with some amazing industry brands, and featured some of the our most popular dancers, with quotes from Felix Cane, Allegra King and Tiff Finney appearing on Peach Asks The Pole Stars.

I had a photo shoot with Olly Clark for my website

I wanted some new pole photographs for my website that fit with my style and personality. I had a shoot with Olly Clark at Apsara Dance, Chester. The images are absolutely fantastic and Ollie is a breeze to work with.

Credit: Olly Clark

I was a finalist in UPA’s ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Poster Model Contest

Finding out I had qualified alongside some of the most well-known and stunning polers in the whole world was incredible, and I am so grateful for everyone who voted for me!

Credit: Olly Clark

I came third in LucyPole Cup, Classique

Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up qualifying 2 days before the LucyPole Cup was happening, which gave me a single 1 hour pole session to prepare for the competition. However, I said ‘F*ck It’ and went anyway, and ended up coming third place. It was a brilliantly fun weekend, and a pleasure to perform at the competition. Sometimes you need to just take life by the metaphorical balls and push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Credit: Ben Ewers

I won Dance Filthy Amateur Southern

I was thrilled to win Dance Filthy Amateur. I absolutely adore this competition and I love the fact that it offers a stage to those dancers who don’t pole in a lyrical or pole art style. The competition was an absolute blast, and you can read more about my experience on my Dance Filthy Write Up.

Unfortunately I don’t have any professional photos from Dance Filthy yet.

I became an X-pert certified pole instructor

I danced in the Apsara Charity Showcase as sexy Darth Vader

Definitely one of the most entertaining routines I have ever done! Apsara Dance ended up raising over £4,000 for a local youth charity.

Credit: Olly Clark

I had a wonderful vintage inspired photo shoot with David Craig

Working with David was fabulous, and I was super pleased with the images that we created together. You can check them all out on a blog post I wrote about the shoot HERE.

I became an X-Pole guest blogger

X-pole asked me to come on board with them as a guest blogger. It took all my strength to not cheer about this from the roof tops as I was so excited! My first blog post with them can be found HERE and my next one will be up in the next few weeks!

A colourful photo shoot with Mike Jones

I was looking for a few more images to use for projects I have planned for 2017, and I wanted them to compliment my blog and pole dance style. Mike did a fantastic job of capturing these sassy and sexy photos.

Credit: Mike Jones

What are my plans for 2017?

You can watch me perform at the following events:

The Supreme Poledown, March 18th

The Authentic Pole Dance, July 1st

I will be hosting a seminar at Polex UK, which takes place in August. My seminar is on The 360ᵒ Training Mindset: Using Your Subconscious For Pole Success. I may also be guest speaking on another panel during the event, which is still to be confirmed.

I have also launched my first guest workshop which can now be booked by emailing me at peachleeray@gmail.com.


I do have a few other things up my sleeves, but they are still to be finalised, so I will let you know the news once everything is planned!

What are you plans for 2017? What have you achieved in 2016, in pole or other aspects of your life? Let me know in the comments.


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