The Cats Guide To Sexy Floor Work

What lessons do we have to learn from cats? Besides the obvious (how to scream at people to feed you, and the importance of sleeping all the time) are there other, pole-related lessons that we can learn? I was inspired to ask this question when Leah Von Belle, a total BABE and slinky body rolls master, shared this photo of her cat…

There are two fundamental lessons there: spread your legs and arch your back. For anyone who has ventured into the world of pole floor work, you know just how true these are. So, what other lessons do cats have to teach us? Let’s find out…

Lesson #1: One’s Booty Must Always Be Elevated

Whether you are sliding down or coming up, whenever you are moving with your butt facing up it should be pointing towards the sky. Press your chest into the floor for a deeper back arch that’ll have all eyes on your perky cheeks…

Lesson #2: It is Essential to Practice Your Seductive Face

You don’t want to end up staring at the audience with the same confused / dopey look in your eye as our kitty friend above. So, make sure you are practicing your faces whenever you get the chance. Check out my blog on pole faces to learn some exciting techniques to help you perfect that sexy eye contact.

Lesson #3: Don’t Be Scared To Wiggle Your Peach

Everyone loves a wiggly butt. Whether your routine is twerk-tastic, rock n’ roll, or slow and slinky, the more booty work you incorporate the better in my opinion! We want to see you show off your glorious behind to the world, so get like our booty shaking cat friend above and practice your isolations.

Lesson #4: Perfect Your Forwards & Backwards Rolls

Forwards and backwards rolls are pretty technical and tough, but once you have got them nailed they are so useful for choreographing your floor work. A great transition move, make sure you are regularly working on your rolls to get them super clean and second nature.

TOP TIP: Book a private with an experienced instructor who knows their sh*t about floor work. They can show you the correct techniques to make sure your rolls are safe, fluid and sexy.

Lesson #5: Remember, You Are a Fierce Tiger!

Even the most domestic house cat thinks they are a big wild kitty at heart. Remember that! When you feel nervous or scared about exploring your sexy side when you are doing floor work, remind yourself that you are a fierce tiger. Cats don’t take any sh*t, and they don’t care if you are judging them.

Repeat after me: I am a bad-ass pole dancer, hear me roar!


What lessons have cats taught you about sexy floor work? Let me know in the comments below!

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