Must Watch Pole Videos For Every Type Of Geek

Are you obsessed with watching pole dancing videos? I know I spend far too much time watching clips of my favourite pole dancers, and there’s nothing I love more than a great  theme with matching costume, moves and music. I particularly enjoy a great routine that uses pop culture as a source of inspiration. It doesn’t matter what kind of geek you are there are pole performances to appeal to all of your nerdy interests! Here I have collected some of the best geek-centric pole videos for you to enjoy…

Retro Geek

Do you love watching the nerd-fest films from the 80s, such as Tron? Then feast your eyes on this brilliant routine by Allegra King:

Allegra King – Miss Nude Australia 2015 Winner – Tron show from Allegra King on Vimeo.

Video Game Geek

This routine from Sarah & Veronica is a hilarious homage to martial arts films and videos games such as Mortal Kombat:

Horror Movie Geek

I love Anna Frost’s freaky The Exorcist inspired routine:

If you love vampire horror such as The Queen Of The Damned and From Dusk Til Dawn watching the sexy and slinky dancers below:

Harry Potter Geek

I love how fun and creative this Harry Potter inspired video is, give it a watch if you love all things magical and mystical:

Comic Book Nerds

If you are a DC comic book fan you can’t miss out on these two routines below, who depict characters from the Batman franchise in their epic performances:

Disney Geek

I love watching Disney movies, so of course I had to include some Disney themed routines in this blog post today. Enjoy:

Bonus Hoop Video:


What are some of your favourite geeky pole dance routines you’ve seen? Let me know in the comments and I can add them to the list! I have got one hell of a geek fest routine in the works, but you will just have to wait and see!

Here are some routines I would LOVE to watch, has anyone done them yet? I want to know!

♥ Beauty & The Beast doubles – need I say more?

♥ Nightmare On Elm Street (I need a see a sexy Freddy Krueger before I die… hopefully not in my dreams!)

♥ The XXX-Files – I want to watch Scully rip off that suit to reveal a hot pole dance outfit and hit the pole… I have no idea what the theme would be (maybe some sexy alien babes could join her on stage) but someone should do it anyway!

♥ Buffy and all the kick ass characters including Faith, Drusilla and Willow!

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