6 Apps Every Pole Dancer Needs

As a pole dancer, general fitness lover and owner of an iPhone, I have pretty much tried every single related app out there. Here are my top 6 apps that every pole dancer needs on their phone or equivalent device. Although not specifically pole, these apps offer many benefits to aid in your pole practice and support your progress as a dancer and athlete.

  1. MINDBODY Price: Free

FullSizeRender[5]MINDBODY is a great little app that allows you to browse fitness classes near your location. This includes pretty much any type of exercise activity you can think of including yoga, CrossFit, boot camp, gymnastics, and many more. Trying out other sports and conditioning classes is a great idea to strengthen your core pole training and add to your repertoire of skills.

They even have Pole Fitness and Aerial classes listed, so if you are ever visiting a new city and looking for your nearest pole studio you just have to log on to this handy app. For now, not all pole studios are registered so make sure you encourage your local studio to sign up so they can have people come to visit when they are in town.

Not only does it include fitness classes in your area, but you can also search for a local masseuse, physical therapist, or even just a place to relax in a sauna, all a must for the tired muscles of us pole dancers!


  1. RePlay Video Editor Price: Full Upgrade is £10.99 (but you can also purchase songs and edit effects separately for a small individual cost) 

FullSizeRender[3]If you are anything like me you have downloaded Instagram and quickly become obsessed with uploading your pole progress, showing off your latest tricks and dance moves. RePlay is a great app to take your videos to the next level, allowing you to splice together multiple clips, use creative editing effects, and add royalty-free music.

The free version offers a couple of different editing options, and a small selection of background music to choose from. If you aren’t too bothered about having a huge selection of edits to choose from you could get by on the free version for a little while.

Although the full upgrade is pricier than most apps, if you often upload videos and 1) wish they would look more professional, or 2) worry about using copyrighted music, then it is definitely worth the money invested. The upgrade also allows you to save your videos without a watermark, which gives your videos a little added polish.


  1. Yoga Studio Price: £2.99

FullSizeRender[4]If you are not able to go to a regular yoga class but wish to experience the strengthening and flexibility benefits of daily practice, then the Yoga Studio app is perfect for your needs.

There are a variety of classes available depending on your skill level, available time, and desired focus. Whether you have 30 minutes to relax, are a beginner looking to improve flexibility, or an intermediate yogi looking to build strength.

I would always recommend trying to get to a yoga studio at least a few times if you are new to it, as a qualified yoga instructor can correct any alignment problems you may have in certain poses, and ensure you are using correct technique to prevent injury. But once you have a little knowledge under your belt this inexpensive app is great to increase your yoga practice, and thus the benefits to your pole practice.


  1. Blogilates Price: Free

FullSizeRender[1]If you haven’t already fallen in love with the enthusiastic stylings of Cassey Ho prepare your loins. Her enjoyable and fun size workouts are great for conditioning when you’re out of the pole studio. Allowing you to filter exercises by body part (abs, back, obliques and so on) the videos are a great at-home alternative to the gym, with little to no equipment required.

Cross training is very important to prevent injury and maximise results in your pole training, so having this app to hand is really useful.

Her app provides a number of fun workouts from her fitness channel including her On Fire Series, POP Challenge, Bikini Blaster, and HIITilates. There are also a choice of workout calendars you can follow, and recipes to compliment your fitness lifestyle with smoothies, healthy snacks, and even desserts!


  1. Treatwell Price: Free

FullSizeRenderSimilar to MINDBODY, Treatwell lets you search for salons and clinics near you, with reviews to help you choose where to go, and a built in function to book appointments.

However, where Treatwell differs is that as well as helping you find steam rooms and massages, you are also able to find local hairdressers, beauticians, dentists and pretty much every beauty clinic out there. Whether you need a spray tan for a pole performance, your bits waxed for your tiniest Bad Kitty shorts, or the callouses filed off your hands by an expert manicurist, you can use this app to find the right person for the job.



  1. Shazam Price: Free

FullSizeRender[2]Have you ever heard a song on the radio or whilst you were out and thought, ‘this would make an amazing pole routine’? If you have but struggled to find the song afterwards then Shazam is a great option to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

By now most people have heard of Shazam, but if you haven’t all you need to know is that the app allows you to identify music instantly, get song lyrics, and now discover what songs other music artists are Shazaming.

This app has been around for a while, but it is popular for a reason. Helping you discover new songs and artists to add to your pole playlist, you will be freestyling in no time with plenty of material to last you even the most gruelling session in the studio or on your home pole.



These six apps cover a lot of bases, and should help you in your pole, fitness and dance journey. Even better 4/6 are free, which means you can reap the benefits without spending a penny! Enjoy, and let me know what apps you have found that have really helped you out in your pole dance and fitness experience.

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