5 Reasons Sexy Floor Work Is Way Harder than It Looks

I bet you’re sick and tired of people saying…

“All you do is roll around and hump the floor, that’s not even difficult!”

“I prefer pole fitness, I don’t do that easy stripper stuff, eurgh”

Yeah, me too. Thankfully this attitude is dying out (that or I’m in a lovely floor f*ckery bubble of love which means I don’t have to be exposed to this poison too often).

However, if you know people who think ‘this sh*t’ is easy, or if you yourself have thought that at times, this post is for you!

So, why do some people still think floor work is easy? What is it that make floor work just as difficult and hard-core as pole dancing? Find out below:

There’s some common misconceptions

The main reason that floor work is a lot more difficult that it first appears is because most pole dancers haven’t even tried it yet. This means they are often operating under the assumption that it is easier than pole. I mean, it looks easy when the pros do it in their competition routines and pole videos, so it can’t be that hard, right?! All you are doing is sliding around and wiggling your legs a bit, yeah? /sarcasm

For years many pole studios have operated under a strictly ‘pole fitness’ line. This meant that classes were structured in such a way to focus on learning pole tricks, rather than dancing, flow or floor work. I can’t blame them, pole was going through a kind of renaissance and part of their attempts to go more mainstream included trying to strip out some of the sexy (pun intended). But, this meant that many polers, both new and old, have not even watched a hell of a lot of floor work, let alone taken a class in it! 😱😱😱

No wonder people have the wrong idea about sexy floor flow, they have never even tried it. Just like people have the wrong idea about pole dancing because they have never tried, so too do some polers about floor work.

Deceptively difficult technique

Floor work is a very technical gig. There are often microscopic weight changes, hand placements, body isolations and muscle engagements behind even the simplest of moves. This means that something seemingly as simple as a Cat Pounce (aka a Butt Mountain, aka a Forwards Body Slide) requires three or four teaching points to get the very most of the move. For example, to get the most arch out of your Cat Pounce, I always tell my students to slide their ear along the floor, rather than their chest. That simple cue has prompted many ‘light bulb’ moments where they go from ‘awkwardly sliding down‘ to ‘hell yeah I’m feeling myself‘.

Cat pounce! Photo Credit: David Craig

When you start going into the territory of wavy legs, grounded body waves, shoulder rolls/stands, and travels, the level of detail required to perfect the moves increases. Something can look really easy, but the technique required to make it look effortless is far from simple. THEN you have to make it look sultry and sensual, what?! Yeah, not so easy now, is it?

The strength! 💪💪💪

A lot of the floor work moves you see are deceptive little creatures. They look flowy, fluid and graceful, but on the inside they make you gurn and heave with effort when you first learn them. The core, leg and arm strength required to execute many of your favourite floor work moves is not to be underestimated.

Ever tried practicing straddle moves such as a Vagina Monster for 3 minutes straight? Well, prepare to feel the hip burn and prepare to scream like this at your instructor:

Have you ever done Tick Tock legs until your abs are trembling? Ever done hand balances until your forearms are aching? Sometimes floor work leaves your body battered until you just need to curl up and feel sorry for yourself.

So, never assume that a floor work class won’t be a ‘real workout’. Floor work is a great complimentary skill to pole because it helps with your core strength, and works your legs in a way that pole sometimes neglects.

So many brain f*cks

Floor work is similar to pole in that it isn’t just a great physical workout it is also a great brain workout. If you first see a move and think ‘OK, that looks quite easy’, but then try it and realise your body is an alien from another planet who speaks a completely different language from you and doesn’t understand anything you are saying to it, then you know what I’m talking about. Your instructor shows you a cool body wave, and your torso is just like ‘LOL, nope’ and just won’t move that way.

This is because it is just as much an intellectual exercise as it is a physical. being able to unpick the mechanics of that awesome floor move, and then translate it into physical movement is no easy feat. The next time someone says that floor work is the ‘easy option’, ask them to show you their best floor body wave, or knee kip, or balance. That’ll soon keep them quiet!

It takes confidence

Sexy floor work in particular takes heaps of confidence to get it looking perfect. Really committing to your movement is what takes your floor work from good to great, because your confidence shines through and captures the audience. If you are nervous or unsure of yourself, then you may find it difficult to give your floor moves 100%, and as a result you won’t be giving that full on sex appeal that you want.

Giving no less than 100%

Sexy isn’t easy because it requires you to be vulnerable, to accept your body exactly as it is, and to trust the audience to join you on this magical ride. Technique and strength come with time and good instruction, but for many the confidence behind the sex appeal is the most difficult thing about floor work.

Floor work is hard-core because it means you have to be your most bad ass, most self-loving, most awesome self. That’s why it is also one of the best things about being a pole dancer. 💖💖💖


What is it about floor work that you love? What do you say to people who think that sexy pole and floor is easy? Leave you answers in the comments below.


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