5 Reasons You Should Invest in Pleaser’s Vegan Shoes

Have you been eyeing up the Pleaser Shoes vegan range but haven’t been sure whether to invest in a pair or not? Well, fear not, here is the scoop on Pleaser’s selection of  vegan friendly pole dancing heels, and I can assure you that they are definitely worth the transition. The lovely people over at Footwear Fetish offered to send me through a pair after hearing of my own change to a vegetarian diet, and I thought this would be a great thing to write about.

A lot of my readers wanted to know more about the vegan range of Pleasers, and many had some specific questions, which I hope are answered in this blog.

No animal products were used in making them!

Well, DUH.

If you are living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle because you want to minimise your impact upon the animal population, then buying your pole shoes that are created using 100% vegan friendly materials is definitely the perfect way to get your high heel fix without harming any lil’ (or big) creatures.

They are just as comfortable as ‘normal’ Pleasers

Pleaser’s vegan range uses a vegan leather insole. I tested out a pair of the Pleaser Sky 301VL generously provided for me from Footwear Fetish, and honestly, I didn’t notice any difference between the vegan leather and the normal insoles in terms of comfort.

Like all the other Pleaser styles, I think that the comfort of the fit will depend entirely on your particular foot shape and size, and how one style suits you more than another. But, I tried these out in my usual size of a UK2, and whilst the straps were a little tight, this was no different to how they usually are in the clear styles until I’ve ‘broken them in’. I had no problem strutting around in these on the first wear, and didn’t have any pain or ill-fitting issues with them.

Most surprisingly for me, is that I had never actually tested out a pair of the slides before, and they were actually VERY secure on my foot, and I had no issues with my feet slipping out of them. The balance takes a little more care than in the styles with ankle straps, but these stayed on well for low flow in particular. I would probably be wary of doing too much upside down, swinging around, pole work, but these are great for photo shoots and basework alike.

They cost the same as the non-vegan range

You’d think that a ‘specialist’ product such as a vegan range would come with a higher price tag. After all, that’s what seems to happen in almost any other industry or product line. But happily the Pleaser vegan range is an exception. The vegan leather alternatives are available in exactly the same price range as the non-vegan range, without any premiums added on top simply for being ‘alternative’. Great news!

Many of your favourite styles are available, particularly ‘basics’

The Pleaser vegan range is currently a great option to turn to for your favourite 6″ and 7″ basics. Right now, most of the styles available are in their clear, chrome or black finishes, with a few options for those who love a colourful, bedazzled or sparkly Pleaser. There is something to suit everyone’s taste, and although there isn’t the same range of choice as with the non-vegan range, they still have a varied selection available that’s pretty impressive for a slowly growing niche market.

It let’s Pleaser know you value ‘cruelty free’ options

If you keep buying from Pleaser’s Vegan range it will show them that a big chunk of their target demographic appreciate having cruelty free options in their pole shoe choices. According to my Economics A-Level (so SO long ago now), increased demand pushes for increased supply, meaning that the more people buy vegan, the more options that Pleaser might begin to offer.

As I said above, Pleaser is mostly offering 6″ and 7″ ‘basics’ in the range currently, but if we don’t demonstrate our desire to buy vegan shoes then that range won’t be expanding any time soon. So other than messaging Pleaser to communicate your desire for more vegan options (something I definitely recommend doing anyway because it cannot hurt), it is also important to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to encouraging ethical business practices.


Head on over to Footwear Fetish to view their full range of Pleasers, including the vegan range. Let’s work together to help make the change and get the vegan range expanded!

If you use the code peach10 you can get 10% off the ENTIRE range on their website until 30th June! 😱😱😱

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Footwear Fetish, however, all opinions and views are my own, and I always tell my truth in every post I write. I warn every sponsorship partner of this too, so they know what they are getting into!*


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