4 Self-Love Insta Hashtags for a Feel-Good Boost

Sometimes we need a little ego-boost to brighten up our day, and what better way that to combine this with our love of social media by checking out some of the most uplifting hashtags around. Give these # a browse and you will soon be feeling confident, positive, and ready to take on the day.


-@rainbowchatman Repost: @jannylivesunapologetically It is amazing how much I look at this photo with happiness. ✨ It is amazing that I feel content with my belly. ✨ I am thankful for my belly journey. I grew up always having a relatively small stomach. Then I was diagnosed with #PCOS, which caused my body to change in many ways. I also became disgusted with my belly and felt like I could not wear certain things anymore. I believed my stomach could make or break me, which is NOT TRUE. I make or break me NOT a body part, another human, the weather, social media, or society. I have the power to determine how I respond, react, enter society, or love my body. ✨ Now, I truly understand my stomach is not less than or worthless because it is bigger. It is still beautiful, smart (our second brain), and something to be thankful for. ✨ This photo gives me joy. Falling in love with me was the best thing I could have ever done for me, you, and the world. Falling in love with me created a beautiful, authentic, bold, and intelligent woman. Falling in love with me has allowed me to be a better Christian, advocate for all humans, sister, daughter, friend, and woman. Falling in love with me is opening me up to new opportunities, relationships, and stories. Falling in love with me is me walking and living in MY truth. I F’ING LOVE ME!!! ✨ I hope you fall in love with yourself!!! It is sooo beautiful. ✨

A photo posted by 👙EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS™👊🏼 #(@effyourbeautystandards) on

Eff Your Beauty Standards is an Instagram account celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes. Follow the account and check out the hashtag to enjoy some bad ass posters and their awesome attitudes and advice.


. 💕Once I found self-love & body acceptance something changed … yes my body changed. But the biggest thing that changed was from within .. . 💕A softer, lighter, more loving, and happy side of me can be seen just through my smile. . 💕I can feel peace in my body and warmth in my heart. . 💕My thoughts are at ease and there’s SPACE… to just be. . 💕I look into the eyes of the girl on the left and feel her pain that was suffocating her chest. I thought I needed to have that body to be worthy. Now I just want to protect her from everything she went though. . 💕I look into the eyes of the girl on the right and can finally say that I see me; the real me. . #thebodylovetribe 👆🏼Get The Body Love Journal- link in profile (because you matter and it’s time to start re-writing your body story. Xx)

A photo posted by BODY LOVE 💛 HEALER (@laurenmcaulay_) on

Although I’m quite *side eye* at brands who adopt social justice language in order to promote their business, searching this hashtag does provide a lot of really inspirational material. Use this tag to find loads of women accepting themselves and loving themselves just as they are.


February is #BlackHistoryMonth, so make sure you check out #BlackIsBeautiful to see posts by black women celebrating their flawless-ness. Drop some love of these bad asses whilst you’re there.


Bring on the burn! #ThisGirlCan

A photo posted by This Girl Can (@thisgirlcanuk) on

I’m a bit Slowpoke here as This Girl Can has been around a while now. They continue to post motivational and inspiring quotes and images on their Instagram feed, and searching their hashtag brings up some great results of women empowering themselves to do some pretty awesome things! There’s also pole dancers in there 😉


What are your favourite positive, spirit lifting hashtags? Which ones do you follow regularly to help increase you confidence? Let me know in the comments below!

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