20 Awesome Dates To Take The Pole Dancer In Your Life


Trampoline parks are popping up all over the place nowadays, and because pole dancers love defying gravity and getting some air time then this is the perfect way to have some fun with your pole dancing partner.

A Drag show

Although probably not every pole dancer, a good percentage of us love over the top costumes, glitter and fabulous makeup, combine these with cutting wit and great stage shows and you can’t beat a Drag performance for great date entertainment.

Pizza restaurant 

Pole dancing burns calories, so the best way to replenish these is with PIZZA. Every poler loves stuffing their face with pizza as far as I know, so take them to your favourite Italian and you will find out just how true it is that the stomach is the route to the heart.

Road trip to a competition 

Taking time out of your weekend to travel with us to watch our favourite pole dancers perform in a competition is one of the best ways to show us that you care. If you just so happen to buy us some pole goodies off one of the stall there too we won’t be complaining.

Take a dance class together

OK, so you might not be a pole dancer yourself, but you can share in your partner’s passion by attending a dance class with them. This might be something super sensual like latin, or challenging and unusual like lyrical or contemporary. The class helps you pole partner practice some new moves AND spend time with you.

A Cirque du Soleil performance

Who doesn’t want to watch seemingly mythical creatures fly through the air, bend themselves in half, and perform death defying tricks? No matter the apparatus, every pole dancer appreciates the art and skill that goes into circus and aerial arts, so taking us to watch a Cirque show is a fantastic date idea.

An animal sanctuary

Most of the pole dancers I know are also animal lovers. Why not offer to go and volunteer at an animal shelter for the weekend together? You will be able to help out animals in need whilst getting to know each other’s interests. If you get to pet some puppies whilst you are there that’s an extra bonus!

A sex shop

Not for that reason you filthy perverts (although knock yourself out!). Sex shops are often the easiest place to try on Pleaser shoes and other pole heel brands in person, rather than just buying off the net. Find an adult store that stocks Pleaser heels and you can spend the afternoon trying on high heels together, and maybe even buy your favourite pair at the end. Plus you can giggle at all the toys together and maybe pick up a new pole outfit.

The spa

Pole dancers get sore muscles from all of the tricks we do, so if we can spend a leisurely few hours receiving a massage and relaxing in a hot tub then we are happy bunnies!

Night in with a game of Twister

And any other board games you would like! Twister is particularly good for us because after all the flexibility training we’ve done we know we can whoop your ass.

Vegan restaurant

Many of the pole dancers I know are also vegetarian and vegan, so taking your pole dancing partner to a specialist restaurant will show that you care about their food choices and how they choose to live their lives, whether it is for health, ethics or just preference.

Indoor climbing

Climbing is great cross-training for pole dancing as it improves your upper body and grip strength. Take your pole dancing crush to an indoor climbing facility and you can have lots of fun trying out this new sport together.

Do a life drawing class

Pole dancers are not shy of seeing a little bare flesh, so going to a life drawing class together could be a fun way for you to bond, especially as you get to compare your drawings together over a coffee after the class. Just make sure you don’t start giggling together in front of the model!

Visit an unusual museum

A museum date doesn’t have to be to see paintings or old relics (although they are fun in their own right), you can also seek out more unusual museums. Look for museums that focus on dance, burlesque or costume design to tap into a pole dancer’s personal interests.

Go to the playground

Going for a night time play on your local playground is a unique way to have a cheap and cheerful date. Our pole strength means we are awesome at the monkey bars, but we can’t wait to stargaze from the play tower with you too.

Night in watching pole dancing videos

Pole dancers could watch pole videos all day and never get bored, but I know that the same can’t be said for our other halves. Show your pole love just how much you like them by watching all of their favourite routines with them for the perfect ‘stay in and cuddle’ date idea.

Make each other mix CDs and have a night in

If you are just getting to know each other, and you are interested in each other’s music tastes, why not exchange mix CDs (or Spotify playlists, but that isn’t quite as romantic)? You can cuddle up with a bottle of wine and listen to what music you have each picked out. For you polers, this might be the perfect way of find some new songs to dance to.

Cat Cafe

Again, the animal theme returns. Cat cafes have started springing up round the world, and if you are a coffee addict AND cat lover (which so many pole dancers are!), then these are the destination of choice for a brilliant date.

A Burlesque show

Once again the subject of our attire, or lack thereof, gives us the perfect date idea. Burlesque shows are a fun and entertaining date, with a bit of a risque edge that satisfies every pole dancer’s taste for the naughty.

A pole dancing class!

We do realise that pole dancing isn’t for everyone, but how do you know unless you try? Of course a pole class is the perfect date to go on with a pole dancer!!! You could take a group class together, or maybe book a 2-2-1 private session if you want things to be a bit more private. No date would form a better bond with your poler than going through the pain and joy of a pole class with them.


What are your perfect dates for a pole dancer?

Leave your ideas in the comment below!

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