10 Gifs For The Pole Dancer Who Definitely ISN’T a Party Animal 🐱🐱🐱

I am often met with surprise when I tell people I don’t really drink alcohol.

“But Peach, you seem so wild and glamorous, of course you like downing a bottle of vodka and doing slut drops whilst standing on a table.”

Well, yes, the slut drop part is true. But, I am perfectly capable of banging out my splits and being embarrassingly sexy whilst also completely sober!

I will have a pint of lager with dinner, or one drink on a night out, but then I will be on the hardcore soft drinks for the rest of the evening. Many believe that being a pole dancer automatically means you are a riotous party animal, and that is perfectly fine, but some of us aren’t!!

So… this blog post is for my fellow grannies on the pole. Enjoy.

A brief look at how you spend most weekends

Getting invited out and thinking whether you have the energy to deal with your wasted friends, aka the messy drunk toddlers

Getting to a club and having shots that you wouldn’t drink if someone paid you shoved in your face 

When the caffeine from your first diet coke of the night kicks in

When all of your drunk friends start practicing the group choreo you learned that week and of course you join in! You aren’t dead!

Everyone but you is 5 drinks in, but goddamit if you can’t still smash it in a drop split contest

It’s gone midnight, you’re watching your friends still beasting the dance floor, but all you want now is your nice warm bed

So… sneaking off to buy cheesy chips and curl up at home is the game… another successful night


Just because you don’t drink or enjoy getting drunk doesn’t mean you can’t be a totally fun and awesome person on a night out. I have just as much enjoyment when I hit the town, regardless of whether or not I am completely sober.

So, do not worry if you would rather have a sparkling water than a sparkling wine, and you shouldn’t feel pressure to get really drunk if that’s not what you are about! Live the life YOU love, and you will be surprised how many like-minded people you meet along the way.

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